How to use this Course

/How to use this Course

How to use this Course


In this video we introduce this HUGE Electric Bass course on soloing over the jazz standard Autumn Leaves. The introduction gives you a thorough account of what you’ll find inside. There are all the scales, arpeggios for the tune with comprehensive and thorough fingerings and explanation. There is a section devoted to the guide tones within the harmony.

It gives you a rundown of twelve 8 bar solo phrases all  including different harmonic melodic and rhythmic concepts, ie.: linking ideas with a common tone, playing over the barline etc…there is plenty more inside. Make sure to watch this introduction, it will give you a thorough overview of how to get the best results out of this course.



The Topics covered are:

  • Sheet music at 00:40
  • Play-alongs at 6:27
  • The 3rd and 7th at 17:21
  • The last 4 phrases at 20:41
  • Wrap up at 25:40
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Zoltan Dekany
Principal Lecturer at Leeds College of Music, Professional Electric/Double Bassist, Founder of