In this video we introduce this HUGE Electric Bass course on soloing over the jazz standard Autumn Leaves. The introduction gives you a thorough account of what you’ll find inside. There are all the scales, arpeggios for the tune with comprehensive and thorough fingerings and explanation. There is a section devoted to the guide tones within the harmony.

It gives you a rundown of twelve 8 bar solo phrases all  including different harmonic melodic and rhythmic concepts, ie.: linking ideas with a common tone, playing over the barline etc…there is plenty more inside. Make sure to watch this introduction, it will give you a thorough overview of how to get the best results out of this course.



The Topics covered are:

  • Sheet music at 00:40
  • Play-alongs at 6:27
  • The 3rd and 7th at 17:21
  • The last 4 phrases at 20:41
  • Wrap up at 25:40