Zoltan’s Bass Lounge consists of a range of online videos, to improve on your bass skills and knowledge. A whole online learning experience in an informal setting, where you’re able to work at your own pace, taught by me, Zoltan Dekany, an internationally renowned teacher and performer. It’s early days for the lounge as yet, we plan to build an extensive range to cover all aspects of bass, add live performance videos, featuring visiting artists, and much more. Please drop us a line of what you’d like to see on here and we will do our best to cater for you all.


Learning music is a long process, in many cases a life long pursuit. I have been on this journey for more then 3 decades, playing professionally since my early twenties and teaching the last 20 odd years. In all this time i have experinced music from its many angles, different styles from Orchestral to small Jazz combo, BigBands, Chamber Music Groups, Shows of London's West End and Pop Artists with players from around the globe and have seen many diverse personalitites in students. Having had and continuing with these experiences i can say the main thing that glues us together and allows us to make music is the knowledge of the elements of music: harmony, melody, rhythm, form and the Technique to execute them. We all need to build these elements from the ground up to understand the bigger picture. It is very important to accept that there are no shortcuts in music, however, there is the prospect of steady growth by learning and understanding musical content. At zoltansbasslounge we are comitted to deliver these elements of music to you so you can become the Bassplayer you aspire to be and confidently take part in a musical community. We wish you the best of success on Your Journey, Team ZBL


Double Bass with Ferenc Homoki at the Zoltan Kodaly Music School and Classical Double Bass with Ilona Vadasz at the Fanz Liszt Academy of Music in Hungary. Jazz Double Bass with Wayne Darling at the Hochschule fur Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Graz Austria. Jazz Double Bass with Charlie Haden and Darek Oleskiewicz at California Institute of the Arts Los Angeles. Electric Bass with Jeff Berlin and Alfonso Johnson at California Institute of the Arts Los Angeles. Private studies with Arnie Egilsson (Principal Bassist of the Paramount Filmstudios Orchestra), Putter Smith and the late Dave Carpenter in Los Angeles Classical Double Bass with Thomas Martin in the UK..