Bass Booster

Radically improve your bass playing in a short amount of time with our personal video lesson exchange program!


What is Bass Booster?

Bass Booster is a bespoke private video lesson exchange programme tailored to meet your immediate bass learning needs.
We consider your goals, questions and current difficulties, responding with curated actionable solutions and resources to help
you achieve your desired results, leading to a real 'boost' to your progression, musicianship, technique and overall understanding.

What will i get from these video lessons?

Regular Feedback & Bespoke Guidance On Your Playing

You'll receive video feedback every week, with a detailed breakdown of your performances and detailed answers to all your questions.
In depth recommendations will be given regarding how to move forward and what to practice next.

Answers To All Your Questions

All your musical, theoretical or technical queries for both Electric and Double Bass will be answered clearly and concisely including written resources and backing tracks if required.

Improve Your Bass Playing Fast!

With up to 25 bespoke video lessons per month, you'll get a real ‘boost’ to your rate of improvement.
These lessons are directly applicable to your bass practice and will make a profound and noticeable difference to your development and understanding of music.
If you’re in a rut that seems impossible to break free from, we guarantee that this is exactly what you need to move forward.

Setting long term goals

We'll set you up with plenty of great material to work on, keeping you busy for years to come!
You'll gain a clear sense of direction, with a focused path to follow helping to maintain your practice targets.


Exclusive Exercises & Tasks

You'll receive bass studies, repertoire and exercises that are exclusively for you. These will be compiled and written by Zoltan, taking all your specific needs and areas for further development into account.

Personal Practice Routine

It is crucial to have an organised and well planned practice routine if you want to thrive musically. Therefore, we'll discuss and create short and long term practice plans designed specifically for you.
This approach will play a big part in your successful musical and instrumental development.

Flexible Time Management

Feel free to submit up to 10 videos, audio recordings or questions per week, without the worry of being tied to a pre-arranged lesson schedule.

We Leave The Nerves Out Of It

We have found that personal video exchange lessons are a great way to communicate. They take that nervous feeling out of having a one to one lesson, where you are inevitably put on the spot to perform in front of your teacher.

Complimentary Membership

With the ‘Bass Booster’ programme you’ll also get full membership access to everything on ZBL for the duration of your subscription (a saving of up to £228 per year).
So not only will you have these invaluable video exchanges, you'll also have our full catalogue of courses and lessons at your fingertips.


How Does It Work?

The video lesson exchanges take place via the "Slack" platform and is available in all common devices. Once you've signed up to Bass Booster, we will send you an invitation to your personal channel in Slack within 24 hours. Simply accept this invite and you'll be up and running in minutes. You don't need to be signed up to Slack in order to have your thread with ZBL.

Written Questions

In case you don’t have time to create a video or audio recording between exchanges, or maybe you just have a quick question, you can always send us a message directly in your Slack channel. We will collate everything you’ve sent and reply when your next video lesson is due.
You’ll receive up to two replies a week, each reply containing up to 5 video feedbacks and lessons. This way you'll have your questions answered quickly so you can keep moving forward.

Get In Touch

In case you have any further questions, or just want to discuss specific elements of the programme before you commit, please feel free to email us at:


Boost Your Bass Playing

Receive 8 video lesson correspondance per month and gain full access to our entire library of exclusive Premium courses for the duration of your Bass Booster membership.

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