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Gain new skills and knowledge in every bass guitar course and lesson. Free playalongs and resources available with each course to help you practice new music and techniques.

Courses and resources

In Zoltan's Bass Lounge there are free and premium courses which contain various resources to help you get the most out of your practice time. 

The courses are made up of instructional videos and have supporting resources such as sheet music and playalong tracks which can be played at varying tempos. This means that you can not only go through the courses at whatever pace you want, you can play along with the exercises with backing tracks at whatever speed is comfortable.

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When you join Zoltan's Bass lounge, you immediately get access to all free courses and lessons. And when new ones are added, you will be automatically enrolled on them so that you can work on them at your leisure.

There are also premium courses available that cover different aspects of playing and musical content. Enrolling on a premium course will also give you access to all the free courses and lessons.

So with:

  • Over 150 lessons and videos
  • Over 20 hours of instructional video
  • Over 100 playalong tracks recorded with top musicians
  • Integrated sound player with tempo controls to allow for learning at different speeds
  • Over 130 sheets of written music

Why are you still reading? Join us now in the Lounge, pick up your bass, and let's get to work!

Featured courses and lessons

Skills and techniques for all styles of playing

As a professional bass player, Zoltan has to be able to play many styles of music on electric bass. From funk to rock, from jazz to blues, Zoltan is able to turn from one style to another with ease.

These skills and techniques have come from a lifetimes study of music and bass, and the courses and lessons in Zoltan's Bass Lounge help to impart some of this knowledge to help you do the same. Getting a strong rock solid foundation of the instrument will enable you to relax and enjoy whatever musical challenges come your way!

What our students are saying...

"Studying bass with Zoltan really enlightens your musical mind. I wasn’t shown ‘patterns’ or ‘licks’ that were supposed to fit here and there, quite the opposite. I was shown how different musical structures were formed, how to have control of the entire range of my instrument and so much more. I’ve learnt a vast amount about the instrument and its place in different scenarios. As I aspire to become a professional musician I feel that Zoltan is helping me create a foundation that I can rely on for the rest of my working career. Not to mention he has a couple good jokes up his sleeve!"

- Manraj Lall

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