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Study Bass Guitar and Double Bass with Zoltan Dekany –
Internationally recognized teacher and performer
taught by World Renowned Players 
Charlie Haden, Wayne Darling, Arni Egilsson and Jeff Berlin


What our students are saying…

I’ve been studying with Zoltan, for over two years now. I can highly recommended that anyone electric bass, or double bass player to arrange some lessons with him. The improvements I’ve gained by his guidance have provided me with new and stronger skills especially an increased understanding of time and harmony relating to jazz, Latin, comping and soloing. This has enabled me to gain in confidence and surprisingly tackle new playing situations, which have included, duo playing, small jazz club rhythm section, musical theatre and Big Band performances. My new appreciation of bass clef tonality has improved my over all musicianship, as I also play the Classical and electric guitar, a new fresh approach to creating music has evolved in my playing mainly due to my constant questions I throw at Zoltan, this is something he encourages. So if your looking to make a really big difference to your playing, knowledge appreciation and want to broaden your “tool box” I’d strongly recommended booking yourself some one to one lessons. Geoff Tooley

Geoff Tooley, Private Student
“Zoltan is a fantastic teacher.  I came to him with a specific issue (learning the fingerboard) and he instructed me through several exercises that have been extremely beneficial.  He also provided a very comfortable learning environment which allowed me to relax and focus on the material he taught.  If you are looking to get your playing together, Zoltan is the man to see!”
Eric Brewington, Private Student

Zoltan Dekany taught me throughout my 3 years at Leeds collage of music and was a fundamental part of why I chose to study at the college. His teaching pulled me through my college years and set me up for life as a professional musician. We walked through all aspects of playing with such attention to detail. His style of teaching was relaxed, friendly and created a perfect atmosphere for absorbing up all his expertise.
Harmony, feel and technique were all worked on to pull me up to speed so I was ready for the real world and I will always appreciate what he has taught me.

Chris Hargreaves, Bassist Submotion Orchestra

Studying bass with Zoltan really enlightens your musical mind. I wasn’t shown ‘patterns’ or ‘licks’ that were supposed to fit here and there, quite the opposite. I was shown how different musical structures were formed, how to have control of the entire range of my instrument and so much more. I’ve learnt a vast amount about the instrument and its place in different scenarios. As I aspire to become a professional musician I feel that Zoltan is helping me create a foundation that I can rely on for the rest of my working career. Not to mention he has a couple good jokes up his sleeve!
– Manny

Manraj Lall, Private Student

‘Zoltan taught me both electric bass and double bass during my time at Leeds College of Music. When I started studying electric bass with Zoltan I was already confident in my abilities, however he was able to break my playing down to core fundamentals which I had not mastered or properly addressed in order for myself to build a strong foundation on which to take my playing further. In my experience it is rare for a teacher to pay so much attention to the individual student and to be able to clearly pinpoint areas for improvement whilst also encouraging each students unique artistic voice. Every lesson was an inspiration and I am looking to continue studying double bass with him in the very near future.’

Alec Hewes, Leeds College of Music

I have been having lessons from Mr Dekany for a year now. Since we started working together every aspect of my playing has improved, and I believe that this is due to Zoltan’s great capacity to communicate; his ability to express ideas has inspired me to work very hard too. Between lessons, Zoltan’s Bass Lounge has also been very helpful for maintaining momentum.
Many thanks,

Will Richardson, Private Student

My bass lessons with Zoltan while studying at Leeds College of Music were thoroughly enjoyable and motivating. He inspired me to work hard, especially when I made the decision to change to double bass where he constantly encouraged me to put as much time and effort in as possible. Great lessons!

Rosalind Macdonald, Leeds College of Music

“Zoltan is an amazing musician and teacher. He creates a comfortable learning environment in his lessons and they’re always enjoyable as they are informative. During my time at Leeds College of Music, he really helped with providing me with the necessary tools I need, now that I’m a working professional”

Tamo Harewood, Leeds College of Music

“Studying with Zoltan gave me the opportunity to refine not only my technique and reading ability but also to unlock the endless possibilities of improvisation. He gave very concise explanations to the thinking behind the application of making music on both the electric and double bass.”

Emlyn Vaughan, Leeds College of Music

I studied with Zoltan at Leeds College of Music.
It is quite rare to come across such an exceptional teacher and outstanding player. Zoltan has completely transformed my playing – from reading music, through soloing, and harmony, to general musicianship, my current abilities in these fields have all been profoundly influenced by him.
I’m hoping to get back to studying with him again.

Nick Lenner-Webster, Leeds College of Music


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