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What is Zoltan's Bass Lounge?

ZBL is a comprehensive and diverse hub of courses and lessons for bass guitar and double bass. Created by the internationally acclaimed professional bassist and educator, Zoltan Dekany, this platform caters to a wide spectrum of musicians.

From beginners taking their first steps to seasoned professionals honing their craft, Zoltan's Bass Lounge offers valuable content for players at every level, regardless of their abilities and aspirations. Whether you're seeking to build a solid foundation or aiming to reach new heights in your musical journey, our extensive collection of resources, enhanced with personal contact, is designed to meet your unique needs.

Join our community and unlock the potential within you. Discover the transformative power of Zoltan's Bass Lounge as you embark on a rewarding musical adventure.

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When you join Zoltan's Bass lounge, you immediately get access to all free courses and lessons. And when new ones are added, you will be automatically enrolled on them so that you can work on them at your leisure.

There are premium courses available that cover different aspects of playing and musical content. Enrolling on a premium course will also give you access to a free consultation session online and all the free courses and lessons.

So with:

  • Over 200 video lessons
  • Free consultation lesson with premium courses
  • Over 25 hours of step by step instructional video
  • High content quality, focusing on real music and instrumental learning
  • Based on decades of real-world teaching experience
  • Over 100 playalong tracks recorded with top musicians
  • Integrated sound player with tempo controls to allow for learning at different speeds
  • Over 150 sheets of written music
  • Personal contact with complimentary video exchange  lessons for every course and membership purchased

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Who is Zoltan?

Zoltan Dekany is an internationally recognised teacher and performer taught by world renowned players Charlie Haden, Wayne Darling, Arni Egilsson and Jeff Berlin. To learn more about Zoltan, please visit the about us page.

What our students are saying...

"Having tried and failed to motivate myself with online lessons in the past I had begun to imagine that only time spent face to face with a tutor could work for me. I'm delighted to say that Zoltan's lessons have dispelled this idea completely. The work is a mixture of musical exercises, and longer more in depth sessions. The explanations are always concise and clear, and Zoltan is at great pains to ensure his students don't rush ahead too quickly without fully absorbing each stage of the lesson. As a consequence I felt there was no race to get to end, to learn something with which I could show off. Instead the courses have helped every aspect of my playing, from understanding just what musical effect intervals have on a piece to gaining a better understanding of the entire fretboard. Previously I had areas where I was reasonably strong, areas where I was sketchy and whole swathes of the fretboard like a map from the middle ages, just an empty space with a sign saying 'Here be Dragons'.

This is Zoltan's strength as a teacher. The things I have learned are not simply specific to one piece of music but rather enrich my knowledge of the bass as a whole. Everything I've learned has applications elsewhere, and is making me a better player. Don't come to Zoltan if you want someone to show off a dazzling technique while you look on insecure and belittled. Come to Zoltan for the best kind of learning; step by step, careful assimilation of knowledge."

- Stew Black

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