FAQs for Zoltan's online bass lessons and courses

A bit more information about Zoltan's Bass Lounge

Zoltan's Bass Lounge

  • I can join Zoltan's Bass Lounge for free. What do I get for that?

Zoltan's Bass Lounge is made up of free courses and lessons as well as premium courses and lessons which are paid for. As a free member you get access to all current free content and all newly added free bass courses and lessons so you will be able to keep coming back to learn new skills.

  • Do you cover all levels?

There are courses and lessons available for complete beginners through to advanced players. More courses and lessons are always being put together covering different levels of playing ability so there will always be something to learn.

  • If I am unsure about a particular part of a course, can I ask for help?

Yes!!!! If you get stuck on any part of any course or lesson, please get in touch via the contact form or by emailing support@zoltansbasslounge.com and Zoltan will help you.

  • I would like to learn an aspect of playing that I haven't seen a course about. Can I request an online course or lesson to cover that area?

Yes!!!!! If there are some specifics that you would like to see covered, please get in touch via the contact form or by emailing support@zoltansbasslounge.com with some details. It can then be considered as an idea to be covered in a future course or lesson. 

Bass courses and lessons

  • You have online bass courses and lessons on your site. What is the difference between courses and lessons?

Courses are a group of lessons that all cover a particular topic. The lessons in a course are set out in logical sections so that you can work through an entire course at your leisure. Individual lessons on the other hand are each individual areas to work on separate to each other.

  • If I am working through a course at my own speed, is it possible to mark where I'm up to?

When you work through a course, you can mark lessons as "Completed" so that you know which areas you have worked on. If you want to go back and concentrate on a lesson, you can mark it as "Incomplete" so that it can be easily found and picked up again.

  • How are the courses and lessons delivered?

The courses and lessons are delivered by video. There are also supporting playalongs and sheet music to help with the learning.

  • Do I get a free consultation lesson if i purchase a course?

Yes absolutely! You are entitled to a free consultation with Zoltan once you've purchased a premium course. 

  • Is it possible to easily jump to sections of the videos?

Along the "timeline" of the videos, you will see markers. If you click on a marker you will jump to that section of the video. There is also a "Chapters" menu option available which lists the sections of the video. Selecting a chapter from the list will take you directly to that section.

  • You mention sheet music is available. Do I need to be able to read music to take your courses? 

No, not at all. The ability to read music is definitely a strength that will add to your musical knowledge and will expand your playing horizons, but it is not a requirement to be able to learn from the courses and lessons.

  • Have you got a refund policy?

                  Yes, in case our course(s) is not right fit for you, we offer a 30 day full price money back guarantee. Please find our refund policy here               

Zoltan Dekany

  • Who is Zoltan Dekany?

Zoltan Dekany is an internationally recognised teacher and performer. To learn more about Zoltan, please visit the About page.

  • What makes Zoltan a teacher I can learn from?

As well as studying and performing with world class musicians, Zoltan has been a highly thought of educator for most of his career. Because of this experience, he has an ability to help you learn what is required to move your bass playing and your musical knowledge forwards.

  • I would like some 1-2-1 tuition with Zoltan. Is this possible?

Yes, 1-2-1 tuition can be arranged. Please get in touch with the contact form or by emailing support@zoltansbasslounge.com.