This Course is designed to improve your Soloing on Electric Bass as well as your general Musicianship and Technique! It is divided into sections with different Musical Content to guide you through in a comprehensive step by step fashion. 

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Section One: You’ll find important information about how to use the Course and its various resources. Section Two: Lists all the Scales and Arpeggios and their relationships with the Chord Progression. There are detailed fingerings to help you with the technical aspect of learning them. We also take a look at the important role of Chord Tones, in particular the guide tones within each chord, the 3rd and 7th. There are great examples of using the Guide tones including a bonus solo Transcription. Section Three: This is a section with 8 Solo Phrases for the first 8 bars of the tune. These lines include different Soloing, Melodic and Harmonic Concepts that are very important to learn and will be useful for many other songs. We learn about:

  • Voice leading with guide tones
  • Use of range by moving through the neck or focusing on a small section of the fingerboard
  • Creating and applying melodic figures to different Chord/Scale tones
  • Applying the same figure to different chords throughout the changes
  • Starting on notes other then the root
  • Quickly switching between scales
  • Leading to chords with diatonic enclosures
  • Specific fingerings for each phrase in the sheet music

Section Four: A catalog of 4 Phrases for the last 8 bars of Autumn Leaves, further developing our Soloing skills by adding Rhythmic and Melodic Variations. We take a good look at:

  • Combining even and odd divisions
  • Zoom in on playing tied rhythms
  • Creating longer phrases by tying together shorter ones
  • Chromatic passing tones and approach tones added to enrich the melodic colour of the lines

Just click on the Sheet Music Download/Playalong under each video lesson for quick access of the relevant supplement, however there’s also a full version of the Sheet Music and all the Playalongs under the course introduction video. The Drum parts of the Playalongs have been recorded by the incredible Film Sessions player Mike Smith, so take advantage of playing along with Mike’s drumming. Students of this Course will be automatically enrolled into the dedicated Forum section where they can ask questions and join the discussion on all aspects of the material. As you work through the course, focus in on one area at a time and practice slowly! Remember what you learn at the moment will only start to settle down in your playing later on. Enjoy this journey of constantly evolving, discovering and reaching new musical heights. We wish you the best of success in developing your Soloing skills, Team ZBL

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Zoltan Dekany Zoltan Dekany Author

Principal Lecturer at Leeds College of Music, Professional Electric/Double Bassist, Founder of

Soloing Concepts for Bass Guitar


Improve your Soloing Skills, Musicianship and Technique with this Huge Content Rich Course

Soloing Concepts for Bass Guitar

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