Double Bass Technical Studies Bundle

Gain access to four consecutive double bass courses, improve your musicianship and bass playing. Contains a complimentary online lesson.

What do I get?

Enrolling on this course bundle gives lifetimes access to four courses designed to help build your technique, improve fretboard awareness and lay a solid foundation for future bass development.

The four courses cover the major and minor scales and arpeggios in the lower position of the double bass. Learning these and ensuring they are under your fingers will give such a fantastic start to playing the double bass.

Together, all four courses contain:

  • Over 50 lessons
  • Over 50 videos (totalling over 7 and a half hours)
  • Over 50 sheets of accompanying music
  • Over 40 playalong tracks
  • Personal contact with a complimentery Bass booster video exchange lesson

You will receive a free consultation lesson by purchasing this bundle. Also, when you enroll at Zoltan's Bass Lounge, you will get access to all free content, be it courses or lessons. And any new free courses added will be automatically made available to you.

Courses included in this bundle

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