During this course you will learn the Natural Minor Scales in twelve keys in the lower positions. We’ll explore all the aspects of musical knowledge and technique involved playing these Scales on the lower part of the instrument.

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The concepts and skills you’ll gain:

  • Establish each Natural Minor Scale from its relative Major Scale
  • Locating the Scale runs on the fingerboard
  • Shifting between positions 
  • Playing in tune and learning ways to check intonation
  • Adjusting finger patterns to gain a logical fingering
  • Alternate finger patterns to be able to play the same Scale different ways
  • Recognizing common finger patterns
  • Basic reading skills as you read through the sheet music

These will stay with you and will be a valuable guide in your future endeavours of playing the acoustic bass.

Check out the Course lesson plan below. There are free lessons and resources to give you a sample of the Course content so take advantage of them. 

There is a dedicated Forum where enrolled Students can ask questions about any aspects of the material covered. 

We hope to be of help as you establish your Musical and Technical foundations and wish you great success with your Double Bass playing!

Best wishes,

Team ZBL

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Difficulty: Beginner


Natural Minor Scales in Lower Positions Course


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