Learn Major Triads

On Bassguitar

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About learn major triads on bassguitar

Welcome, this course will teach you one of the most important and need to know substances as a bassplayer, the major triad. We take an in-depth look at every key, including inversions, fingerings, practice tips and exercises.


What you will learn from this course

  • Learn all 12 major triads and their inversions


  • Learn new finger patterns


  • Learn how to quickly change positions


  • Improve your technique by learning musical content


  • Boost your reading skills while gaining an understanding of music and technique  


  • You'll be able to create and play your own basslines and solos


  • You'll gain thorough fingerboard knowledge and independence


  • Practicing with the playalong drones will develop your ears


  • You are establishing the knowledge of very important basic harmony in a practical way


  • Recommended use: personal guidance with Zoltan Dekany through our Bassbooster programme, with course fee discounted


  • Any questions, please feel free to get in touch via email at support@zoltansbasslounge.com

What is included in learn major triads on bassguitar

  • 13 lessons


  • 13 sheets of accompanying music


  • 12 playalong tracks


  • Personal contact with one complimentery Bass booster video lesson to help you along


  • Intermediate level


  • Lifetime access



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