Welcome to our Bassroom Sessions, collaborating with

Thomas & George Martin Violinmakers

Together we bring you high quality Free Double Bass lessons, demonstrations and resources. The tutorials below focus on the practical and every day aspects of playing Jazz Double Bass

Enjoy, Team ZBL

Creating a Great Jazz/Swing Pizzicato Feel Part 1

In this session we discuss important elements that make up a great pizzicato technique for Jazz and Swing Double Bass playing

Creating a great Jazz/Swing Pizzicato Feel Part 2

This tutorial highlights the role and importance of the right arm in creating a great big sound for Jazz pizzicato

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Contrasting Swing/Jazz Feels for Double Bass

This tutorial digs into different ways of producing a loose and relaxed Swing Feel. We look into variatins of phrasing and articulations of Jazz Bass lines

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The Perception of Tempos

In this Session we discuss how to count and achieve a solid sense of keeping Slow Fast and medium Tempos

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Giant Steps Basslines Demonstration

Demonstrating 4 feel and 2 feel Basslines over John Coltrane’s Giant Steps. The 2 feel at the end is marking rhythmic events of the melody and therefore is a great way to accompany the Head out.

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